A live band for an event plays a really big part in the success of the event, a professional band will be able to set the mood, read the crowd be easy to work with and make things run smoothly. There are a lot of groups out there trying to get a foot in the game and like any professional industry, there are things they will learn and pick up on the way. If you are in the market for hiring a live band for a wedding or an event, these are the thing you should look out for, which are tell-tale signs they are genuine professionals.Music to cater for all events and style of partyThis is super important when selecting a band based on the repertoire of music they can play, they will be able to read the crowd and be able to adapt to what the crowd is enjoying, a group that is diverse and well-rehearsed in a wide range of songs will really provide you with a diverse mix of music for the evening, you want a group that let’s say later on the evening a few of the crowd request some songs, it’s great if the band have the ability to play them.It takes time and experience for a band to genuinely diversify their sound and be capable of delivering a wide range of sounds, a skilled and experienced band have perfected this and are always aiming to improve on it.Can they work with and understand the run sheet for the night A professional band is capable of working efficiently and proactively according to your run sheet for the event/wedding, they know their lead times to set up and can give you accurate times for sets.Although this may seem trivial, in terms of running an event where there are multiple speakers, different entertainers and activities, it’s actually rather vital to have a band that is capable of giving you accurate times to ensure everything runs smoothly.It’s important that the band understand the planning for the event, where they fit and how to make sure they don’t throw your event plan out, an experienced and professional band are capable of advising on timeframes and assist in coordinating themselves without any hassle or fuss. Experienced sound operator It’s important that the band have someone skilled and well versed in a variety of sound equipment. This is important because some venues may have their own system to use, a good band always has someone techy in the group to get a grasp on this and use it its full effect.If the sound equipment is not optimally geared up they are not going to have the best impact on the evening.Production size to match the venue This is following up from the point of being able to set up and use the sound equipment correctly, even if the band has their own equipment, it is super important that the band are set up in a way that best suits the venue.If the venue is small and intimate you don’t want them blowing everyone away to the point where if you can’t even talk to each other when the ban is playing even if you in the seating spaces. Also, this rings true for larger venues as well, a quality and skilled band will set up to match the venue to be right on point in terms of sound.Strong consistent line up as per promoA consistent line up is so important when it comes to bands, takes time to work together to understand each other ques and build trust with each other, to create an amazing atmosphere and work together to really entertain an audience.The other side to this is if a band struggle to retain the same consistent band members, well you dot know who your potentially getting on the night even though their promo video or posters had someone different.If you book a group that you are planning to have play a set of soulful female ballads for the night and when they arrive there is a guy who doesn’t even know who Alicia Keys is.. well you get the idea.Experienced Performers One point that is hard for you to genuinely clarify when looking for a live band, the best way is to check out the band’s social pages see if they are completing a lot of gigs together and check to see how long they have been posting and the frequency.This will give you a good idea of how often they perform together and for how long, check their website and see if they have a bio on the band members to find out who they are and what credentials they have.Insurance and public liability This is something that you may not really care to think about because its easy to just dismiss it like oh nothing will happen… but if someone is injured as a result of the band performing and they are uninsured well things could become far more complicated then they need to be.There are instances of thing such as faulty equipment starting a fire, to lighting falling and injuring one of the guests. If the band have insurances, it actually protects the organiser from being liable for litigation if something like this occurs.To wrap it up Hiring a live band to perform at your next event or wedding you don’t want to cheap it out and end up with subpar entertainment, the quality of a live band will have a massive impact on the event.Sydney based group Soul Nights have been performing together for many years now, they have performed at events from high profile gala dinners and high profile public events to local couples weddings, the groups female lead Maybelle was a finalist on The Voice in 2015 and has done solo events such as the national anthem at the Bledisloe Cup with the support of some of the Soul Nights band members.With their experience and reputation for professionally run events, Soul Nights are one of a handful of the premier live bands in Sydney.Contact Emilio to arrange a quote and check the band’s availability.