With all the updates about COVID-19, it can be difficult to follow what is and isn’t allowed. However, here is some good news. You can book live entertainment for your event post COVID-19. Restrictions outline that no dancing is allowed but you are allowed to book live entertainment for your next event.

Music at any type of event brings a relaxed and chilled atmosphere. Dancing at events such as weddings, birthdays and general celebrations usually creates an energetic atmosphere. With the restriction of dancing, you may risk losing that vibe.

That said, live entertainment is an excellent option for creating a unique experience at your next event whilst staying COVID-19 safe. Groups performing as duos, trios or bands can provide live entertainment for events such as cocktail parties, canapes, corporate events, birthdays, weddings and more whilst remaining compliant with COVID-19 restrictions.

Best ways to utilise live entertainment under COVID-19 restrictions:

1. Gauge your event
Duo and Trios or Acoustic musicians are a great options for the style of events that most people are hosting within the COVID restrictions – such as canapes, pre dinner drink s and cocktail parties.
Most venues are aiming for a more chilled and relaxed vibe to avoid people getting a few drinks under their belt and wanting to rock out to a Ballard with their best mate.

2. Dynamics and Range
Pubs and bars will still want some level of uplifted atmosphere so pick a band with good range to cater to both the melodramatic tunes and also the more up there rock, soul and RnB songs.

A talented entertainer is able to shift the mood of a song based on their skill. Increasing or decreasing tempo, layers, volumes and embellishments can change the whole dynamic of the song. Be sure to check out previous work from the group to check for their level of skill and crowd management.

You can be fortunate to experience some wide range of music from performers at this time.

3. Unique atmosphere
There is nothing worse than awkward silence in a room or area full of people. Now that live entertainment is allowed under COVID-19 restrictions, you can bring a unique feel to the event. The use of live entertainment creates a more connected and intimate vibe compared to music through speakers or a DJ.

This can also come down to the look and feel of the band. Their attire, stage set up and engagements with the crowd can really make or break a live entertainment experience. The music may be awesome, but if the group doesn’t have a unique appearance or can’t connect with the crowd, this may damage the overall atmosphere.

4. Impress your guests
Finding good live entertainment can sometimes be more difficult than you think. Not all performers might meet your expectations in regard to skill and stage presence. So when you can find a good live entertainment group with talent, this will impress your guests. This can also come down to their professionalism through set up/pack up, interacting with the crowd and overall management of the group.

Looking for Live entertainment? Get in contact with our management team for more information about how you can be COVID-complaint at your next event with our live entertainment packages.