When you are set to run a big corporate event the last thing you want to have to worry about is below par or mediocre entertainment.

Chances are you have been to event where the entertainment really bombed out, or just was not on point with the evening theme or they were just still learning the ropes of performing and did not come across as a professional group or artist.

if you have been privy to this happening, it’s not hard for everyone to pick up on it, and it can be embarrassing for the performers and the organisers.

Soul Nights have been performing at Weddings, Iconic Bars and Venues, plus upscale corporate events throughout Sydney for over 10 years, they have a built a professional and respected reputation.

Soul Nights have many amazing Singers, Maybelle featured on THE VOICE 2014 and blew audiences away with her amazing vocals.

Maybelle and Leroy Are the lead singers of the band, Soul Nights have a real set of talented Musician who have been a part of this family for over 10 years, above all else are experienced and skilled professionals who really know how to wow the guests when they are performing. We are not just a band, We are a family.

But you need to ask what sets a band like Soul Nights apart from other bands in Sydney…

Consult – When booking Soul Nights – you receive a one on one meeting with Emilio who will guide you in picking the music and the songs. Emilio will work with you to arrange a run sheet to ensure the music flows smoothly and stress free on the night.

Experience – the whole band have all been performing professionally for a over 10 years, this level of experience is hard to come by and the entire band take each and every event seriously and passionately, if its performing a gig at the Sydney Opera House Bar to a High End wedding at Doltone House Soul Nights bring their flare and experience.

Talent – Each Band member is talented on their own individually, but as a collective group they are on fire, they band have worked together for some time now and the guys have a knack for really finding the notes, melodies and groove that simply bring the crowd into their performance and get a venue or a event buzzing.

Equipment – Soul Nights are genuine professionals, the band is not a side gig its main gig for all the guys in the band and they take it that way, investing in high quality expensive equipment.

Professionalism – Being that the Band love making music together and performing in front of live audiences throughout Sydney and performing is their chosen profession the guys take each and every event with the upmost professionalism and perform to a very high standard.

If you like to enquire about booking the band for your next corporate event call Emilio or his team on 02 9807 1919.

Or fill in the contact form and Emilio will be back in touch.

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