Your wedding night’s a special occasion, an evening that you want to be on point in every aspect brilliant food, a spectacular cake, stunning outfits to make that evening all the more memorable.            

The live entertainment is such an important part of the evening, but what to look for? How do you know if they will work with you guys, fit into the mix of the evening, create the right kind of atmosphere and be professional and fun at the same time?

There are a few things you should think about when picking a wedding band.. 

Range of Songs                                                                   

One of the main things to consider is the band’s ability to cover a diverse range of genres, a great wedding band will be able to go from At Last to Bruno Mars’s treasure at the drop of a hat.                          

They have to be able to be diverse in what they play to suit the nights change in vibe from heartfelt to upbeat and fun.

It not easy finding a band that can hit the softer notes well but also throw on a jam and smash it home, but its super important for your Wedding Night. 


 There is a myth with musicians that they are all out of control party animals, well this is true to some extent, but not every wedding band is going to pull an Adam Sandler get drunk and ruin your special night.

A great wedding band will keep it fun but keep it within the boundaries of the night and not end up playing 50 cents Candy shop when you want them to be playing Love me Tender.


Charisma… Yep its needed, there is nothing more awkward then watching paid entertainment an any event stand up in front of the audience and pull a cringe worthy joke or simply not have the ability to get the crowd engaged.

You want the band to be able to hold their own, make you laugh, perform exceptionally well and have the ability to make just want to throw down whatever you holding and grab someone and dance.


This is something which is definitely overlooked, performers like anyone need to ply their trade and this is achieved through experience, stage fright is a real thing and can be a tricky hurdle to overcome.

Professional bands and performers have a natural talent for this and perfect it, with years of practice and hone it into a skill.

You also want a band who is going to understand the intricacies of a wedding night and how to fit into the mix of the evening seamlessly. An inexperienced band may find it difficult to pick the right cues and understand the scheduling of the night and where they fit into the mix. 

Who fits the bill?

Soul Nights have been entertaining throughout Sydney now for over 15 years, having been part of some Sydney’s most prestigious wedding events and performing at some of Sydney’s premier wedding venues, including:

Backed with some amazing talent and vocalists Soul Nights are one of the top and most sought-after groups in Sydney.

 Maybelle and Leroy on vocals – Maybelle featured on the Voice 2014.

The duo has a wide range of songs they can cover in duet and solo to keep the atmosphere pumping but also hit the softer more sentimental tones needed for a wedding night.

Emilio on Drums, Yaw on Bass, Ben on Keys and Jamie on Guitar.

Soul Nights regularly feature at some of Sydney’s iconic Bars and venues as well, if you want to speak to band directly and arrange a consult for a upcoming wedding speak to Emilio 02 9807 1919