Your Wedding is such a big occasion with so much to organise, there isn’t much else that actually tops it when it comes to making important decisions for an event We do believe that we have Four important things to make the wedding or event a success: 

  • Venue 

  • Food 

  • Entertainment 

  • MC/DJ 

Soul Nights have been working in the Sydney wedding scene for a number of years now and we wanted to share with you some of the things you should look to check off before you look to pick your entertainment for your special night: 

  1.  What style of music  are you looking for – deciding on the kind of music that you would like is important, if you are looking for relaxing acoustics for the reception, or a more up beat  party vide for your guest, if you know what kind of mood you want for the night you can then get a real idea of the band you want to find for the night. Soul nights can cater for to suit any event. 
  2. Budget – okay, so who ever heard of a wedding going to budget… but it is still a good move to get a budget in mind before looking at entertainment for your wedding, the more popular the band, the more members they have, where the event is located and how long you need them to perform for all contribute to the cost. Having a band like soul nights is all about the experience and quality they produce. 
  3. How many Guests or what Venue have you booked  – its good to let the band know how many people will attend it will help them better gauge the size of you’re wedding night and  size of the venue, this will help them set up the correctly for how many speakers, plus lighting for the band required at the venue. 
  4. Do you want the band to perform over dinner or just while guest are  dancing  – It is mainly a courtesy to the band to let them know if you would  like them to perform during dinner so they can get the right song set geared up for you’re wedding. 
  5. Do you have a DJ or other music between the Band? – Gives the band a good idea of how to prepare for the night as they might need to coordinate setup and lighting etc with other entertainers for the night. 
  6. Have you picked a live bridal waltz – IF you have a bridal waltz in mind that you would like the band to perform, let them know from the offset, the more times they can practice the more on point it will be for the night. 

There are a couple of other side notes to mention as well: 

  • A run sheet for the evening that you can provide the band 
  • A floor plan of the venue 
  • Does the venue allow live entertainment 
  • Bare in mind the band needs parking and meals for the night too. 

Soul Nights have been working the wedding and corporate entertainment scene in Sydney for sometime, they also feature as regulars at some great venues in Sydney too, such as the Opera House Bar and Rocklilly 

Check Maybelle in action on our YouTube channel Click Here

Soul Nights have some great options for weddings and our experience means we can be flexible to suit the most grandiose to refined event. 

At a minimum we like to include: 

  • 5 Hour Call time 
  • 3×45 min set of music 
  • Live Bridal Waltz 
  • Full production to suit the number of guests and professional lighting for the band
  • Background Music for the when the band is not playing 
  • A Sound Operator
  • Full public liability 
  • Band size is flexible from 3 piece to a full 7 piece

If you would like to find out more about our pricing and arranging for Soul Nights to performing at your wedding – Contact Emilio on 02 9807 1919. 

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