Ok, so you have to get the next Corporate event or work function set up, but… you don’t know where to start, there is a lot to cover – You have to arrange the venue, the catering, the invitations, the theme, awards, speakers and entertainment … plus more.

Oh and that little aspect of making sure that your selections are on point, not like everyone in office will blame you if the catering is “questionable” and everyone gets Gastro!   

So how do you do it?

You just have to stick to a few staples when it comes to selecting the main aspects of the evening, such as: 



Picking the right venue is crucial, you want well trained experienced and friendly staff that are versed in hosting corporate events and parties. Some of the better places that Soul Nights have performed at include:


Dockside Darling Harbour

Doltone House at Darling Island, Hyde Park and Jones Bay Wharf

 Sergeants Mess Mosman

Le Montage

Curzon Hill


These guys can all run an amazing work event and most have catering options and drinks packages to cover the evening.


Food and Drinks

Ever been to a work event and the foods is sub-par and no one eats the food, just doubles down on the drink and things get real messy.. 

The catering needs to be on point you don’t want to cheap out on it, but also using the entire entertainment fund on one nights catering is out of the question as swell, we would suggest leveraging the venue you pick by selecting a great venue you will most likely have access to amazing food as well. 

Drinks package is definitely recommended, it’s great to set a tab, but that can become very costly very quickly. And you do not want a situation where you run out of budget on the drink at 9pm for an event slated to finish at 11:30…

There is just way to many people you may have to chat to that you can only tolerate with a  wine or a beer in your hand.



Corporate Entertainment…. Sounds boring as, right?? Well it doesn’t have to be, there is literally 1000’s of performers and acts out there you can look into:





Fire Breathers


The list goes on and gets more diverse and left of square, but you need to weigh up the fundamental of hey is a band going to be the best option? Or should I look at a magician or something a bit different?

There is no doubt that a performer will be fun and entertaining, but once their show wraps up what do you do to keep the crowd engaged.

A great Band will be able to keep the night alive with great tunes and a good atmosphere for the better part of the night. There si nothing better than seeing that shy college from accounts, just let their hair down and get their groove on.

Soul Nights are a regular feature on Sydney’s night scene and have covered many corporate events and parties, playing jams from some of your favourite artists from now, the 70’s 80’s 90’s and 2000’s and now.

The guys can really set the party of from the evening check out the video below!

If you want to look at booking Soul Nights Speak to Emilio on 02 9807 1919